Mens Issues – Infertility In Men

For married couples who are experiencing problems with getting pregnant, a fertility test is the best way of establishing the cause of the problem, and whether or not there is an issue with infertility. With our present lifestyles, men are at more risk of becoming infertile than women.

Among men, many factors reduce the ability to make a woman pregnant. These range from anatomical trauma, abnormal sperm, sexual dysfunction, and obstruction related to the reproductive system, as well as hormonal disorders. Treatment of infertility in men therefore aims to correct these disorders.

Certain lifestyles and practices also cause infertility problems among men. These lifestyles can cause men to become unhealthy and as a result infertile. Examples of these harmful practices include cigarette smoking, alcoholism, and drug consumption. There is also thought to be a connection between male infertility and an unhealthy diet. To improve fertility, changes in lifestyle, such as stopping smoking, avoiding alcohol and drugs, and eating foods that enhance fertility, may all be helpful.

To enhance their fertility, men should avoid tea, colas and coffee, since these all contain caffeine, which is known to affect fertility. They should eat green vegetables, especially spinach; as these contain a lot of vitamin E; drink a lot of watercress juice; eat pumpkin seeds, which are a source of zinc, and also wheat germ, which is another good source of vitamin E. Royal jelly is rich in contents that are believed to enhance sexual performance, so intake of royal jelly is also recommended.

One of the best remedies for infertility in both men and women is vitamin C. With particular regard to male fertility, it has been discovered that vitamin C has an antioxidant property, which is part of the biochemical process that results in the production of normal sperm. High levels of abnormal sperm are known to impact negatively on fertility.

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